Automated Indoor Farm Solution "HarvestX"


Our Solution

Fully automated pollination robot enables stable all-year strawberry production

HarvestX provides a package for artificial light indoor farms that enables strawberry production in any location and environment through highly accurate pollination using advanced robotic technology and environmental control using sensing technology.

“HarvestX solution overview”

One-stop solution for the automated production of strawberries

We support the entire process from seedling cultivation to strawberry harvesting in indoor farms by providing cultivation equipment, robots, AI, operation systems, etc.

“Providing various systems required for automatic strawberry cultivation in a single package.”


Stable supply of strawberries at a constant price to enable year-round sales of strawberry products

Growing/Harvesting high-quality strawberries with little variation in taste and color

Simplified cleaning and inspection
Production and use of strawberries in food factories

Advantages of HarvestX

We developed numerous technologies related to strawberry pollination

We analyzed the behavior of bees, which play an important role in flower pollination, and implemented it into our algorithm.
The combination of core technologies for the use of AI and robotics (Patent No. 7090953) and confidential technologies such as materials selection, rotational frequency adjustment, and three-dimensional recognition ensure our advantage.

“HarvestX’s advantages”

Realizing strawberry farm ideal for food production

Low-cost, high-precision pollination and a hygienic environment without using bees make the strawberry plant factory ideal for food production.
Currently, we are the only company that can provide both cultivation and automatic pollination in one integrated system.

“Comparison chart between HarvestX, bees, and human”

Development roadmap

We are developing technologies through experiments to provide better service.

“Development roadmap of HarvestX, aiming for full automation by 2025.”