General Info

Company name

HarvestX Inc.

Business details

Researching and developing robots for indoor farming


July 2020


26 million JPY


Yuki Ichikawa


355 Entrepreneur Lab,
South Clinical Research Building
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo
Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo 113-0033

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the shortage of human resources in agriculture and stable food production through technology.

Our vision is to enrich people's lives by supplying them with delicious fruits anywhere from cities to deserts and space in the future. As a step toward achieving this goal, we are working on realizing fully automated strawberry cultivation.

Our Story

There're few plant factories growing fruits though there're many factories for lettuce and other leaf vegetables. The primary reason is difficulty to pollinate in factories which uses artificial light. It's difficult to keep bees under artificial light, and there's no efficient alternative.
Most crops currently rely on insect pollination by honeybees. Hence the development of alternative technologies is essential for stable food production.
We research and develop technology to pollinate and harvest fruits with robots to realize plant factories and fully automated cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops.